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Bird - We have (6) Game Bird hunting in Yolo county for duck hunting or upland bird hunting.

However, within 1 to 3 hour drive time, there are 47 properties with the best areas for ducks, pheasants, turkey and quail Colusa (25 duck clubs with pheasant) alsoduck clubs in Butte, Glenn, and Yuba counties.  MendocinoLakeNapa,Sonoma counties have a total of 16 properties with the best places for dove, quail and turkey.  South of this county we have turkey, quail, dove in Monterey, Kern, and San Luis Obispo.

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Big Game - We have (0) big game hunting in Yolo county. The next nearest county with the best places for Big Game is: Glenn and Tehama (1.00 to 2.00 hours drive time)(6 ranches for deer boar or pig) However, within 3 to 3.5 hours drive time there are 15 properties with the best places for big game hunting.  Napa (3 for deer and pig) Lake (2 for deer, boar or pig), Mendocino (10 for deer,boar or pig). South of this county we have deer hunting, wild boar / pig in Monterey, Kern, and San Luis Obispo.

Send us a note below if you want more information on Hunting Clubs or Public lands properties or go back to the home page for hunting California, YoloCounty pages.

Fish - We have (0) fishing property available in Yolo county. However, within 1.5 to 4 hour drive time there are  17  properties with the best areas for fishing, Calveras (3 for bass and trout) Sonoma and  Mendocino (6 for bass or steelhead), Shasta and Lassen (8 total for trout or bass). Send us a note below if you want more information on Hunting Clubs or Public lands properties or go back to the home page for hunting California, Yolo County pages.

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