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San Bernadino  County Hunting, Fishing and Camping
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Where are the best areas, best places to hunt, fish, or camp?  Keep reading!

Bird - There is (1) Bird Hunting in this county.  Within 2 to 4 hour drive time, there are 32 properties for waterfowl, pheasants, turkey and quail.Kern (6 for Turkey, quail, and dove). San Benito (6 for turkey and quail) Tulare (1 for Waterfowl and 1 for quail, dove, and turkey). Santa BarbaraSan Diego,San Luis Obispo, and Monterey have 10 properties for quail and turkey.  Imperial County has 8 properties for waterfowl, quail and dove.

Big Game- There is (1) big game ranch in this county. The next nearest county for Big Game is Kern(1.0 hours drive time) (4 ranches for deer and pig) However, within 2.5 to 3 hours drive time there are 10 properties for big game hunting:  Santa Barbara, San Luis Obispo,  Monterey, and San Benito .Also Tulare (3 for deer and pig) Madera (2 for deer and pig). 
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Fish- There is (0) fishing property available in this county. The nearest county for fishing is Kern (1.5 hour drive time), and Imperial (2.0 drive time)
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