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huniting in california and oregon
huniting in california and oregonhuniting in california and oregonhuniting in california and oregon
huniting in california and oregon
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​Welcome to, since 2009 we have helped hundreds of people and/or families like you/yours. We are your agent to find you a place,or see our Public hunting land maps.
Interested in hunting in California or Oregon? Fishing in California? 
We have something for everybody: hunting public lands, almost every hunting club, and best of all, a network of private ranches available nowhere else. Using our site is totally free, county by county. 
Hunting Clubs and private ranches (especially for wild boar / pigs, and deer) are your best bet, over 200 of these are available inside, free hunting maps too! 
Where can you go hunting in California or Oregon? Easy, let us find you the best areas for hunting and fishing on BLM or state lands, hunting ranches or hunting clubs.
 We'll get you permission for a safe, exclusive place for hunting or fishing trip, or find a refuge public hunting area.
Also, over 85 duck hunting clubs for ducks, geese and other waterfowl, all near National Wildlife Duck Refuges.  Duck hunting clubs also have hunting for wild pheasant, quail, turkey and doves. Day use hunting in California and Oregon for deer,ducks, pheasants, dove, turkey and wild boar or pigs is our specialty. 
Where to fish? NO one else but RHF has access to ranch bass ponds, on private hunting ranches or hunting clubs, and are listed in these California and Oregon counties. You have fly fishing for bass, trout. Some private  ranches are hunting  clubs, others are 'day use' only. Take advantage of our contacts and experience! 

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Where to go hunting in Oregon or California for boar, deer, ducks, pigs, turkey, dove, quail, pheasant, or fly fishing or camping on private ranches or public lands? Need to find hunting on public land or NWR (National Wildlife Refuges)? Where are hunting clubs?

FREE List of 500 + Public Refuge Hunting lands, Fishing and Hunting Clubs,WITH MAPS, for hunting in California and Oregon

Only with you get access to private ranches in Oregon and California 
We won't waste your time, or try and sell you decoys or something. Since 2009 RHF works only to get you FREE info and contacts without any catch or tomfoolery. 
Support our site by taking a youngster outdoors this weekend!!
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Pig hunting in California
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